About Me

My work examines the manner in which space becomes memory, memory becomes image and image becomes object. My process of creating images draws on the individual’s experience, passed on through conversation or stories. Compositions created by drawing on common spaces, such as a relatives living room or a familiar urban landscape, which Is then visited through the imagination, informed by all these factors in response to a painting. I am passionate about painting the idea of memory. In doing so by blurring identities, obstructing realities and present these ideas in a way which could be seen in a dream like/fantasy way, through the medium of paint.


“There are always flowers for those who want to see them” – Henri Matisse


Working mainly in oil paint, this allows me to create layers within my paintings which I feel play an important role in the representation of memory within the canvas. Sourcing information from online photography archives, newspaper articles, magazines, old family photographs, social media and stories told to me by my family members. I deconstruct my family photographs to depersonalise them, although still keep the familiarity that a figure might show. I do this with a lot of veiling with washes of paint, layering up and big brush stokes. My paintings live in between what is real and imaginary. Adding in segments of worldly features such as exotic plants, bricks, structures, to exaggerate the idea of the memories.


Foliage and exotic leafage plays a large role in my practice, I feel as if the idea of plants and nature connects any place imaginable in the world. Also I place plants that may seem foreign into my paintings which are mainly based from home as a way to throw the viewer off when looking at a particular setting. I feel this opens the imagination to worldly possibilities and adds more of a mystery to the narrative. The personal connection within my paintings allows a collective personal experience with the viewer, giving a sense of nostalgia.

Exploring the artistic potential present in the prefabrication of materials and familiar architectural spaces as a means for source for the production of image and objects. The result of this my artworks are able to examine the dialogue between memory, nostalgia, space, place and materials, represented through the language of painting.

My work plays with visual characteristics that occupy a mid-point between two typed of expression: the literal and the abstract. Abstract figuration has the biggest influence on my artistic practice. Based on the looseness and the fluidity of the paint captured in these pieces with an essence of aesthetics. Each gesture carries a weight the absence of structure within the elements and objects and each brushstroke becomes purposeful.

Working on a range of scales I have been able to experiment with techniques of mark making with brushstrokes and compositional ranges. This allows me to test out which way works best for my practice in being able to convey a sense of memory and nostalgia to the viewer.

As a whole I would say my painting practice is a retrospective of a collaboration of my own past memories and experiences, as well as others I know and have met. Producing foreign memorisations of nostalgia and place.